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Unveiling the Tangy Secrets: Fermented Turmeric Ginger Pickle Recipe


Welcome to a blog post that​ unfolds the tangy secrets behind⁤ a⁢ tantalizing recipe – Fermented Turmeric ‍Ginger Pickle. Revealed by the seasoned epicure, Shrikant Singh in his YouTube channel, Happy‍ Bellyfish, this⁢ delightful concoction celebrates ‌the goodness of curcumin-enriched turmeric and ⁢zesty ginger. Both ⁢potent in taste and‍ filled with healing properties, our pickle will not only add zest and tang to ⁤your everyday meals but will also provide you with numerous health benefits. ‌Intrigued? We⁣ promise to give you insights as‌ rich and fascinating as the vibrant golden hue of fresh turmeric itself. From presenting ‍you with​ the list of hand-picked ingredients to safely‌ handling the turmeric roots that⁢ could stain your hands and clothes, we cover it all. ‍Steer on towards better health and gustatory excitement ‍as you read ‌more about this pickled wonder.

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Exploring Novel​ Uses ⁤for Fresh Turmeric: ‌The Art ‌of Creating⁤ a Tangy Pickle

With the aim ​of opening ⁢a world‌ of ⁤delectable possibilities with turmeric, ⁣we will be using fresh‍ turmeric​ to⁤ create a zesty condiment. This turmeric pickle is not only easy to produce, but it⁣ also serves ‌as⁤ a wonderful addition ‍to‍ many different⁣ foods. You ⁣can use it as a salad dressing, throw it ⁣on your falafel, include it in your hummus,⁣ use it as⁣ an extra kick of flavor with your cooked beans and lentils, ‌or simply spread it over your‌ bread and sandwiches. For those who don’t often use turmeric in their everyday cooking, ⁤this pickle can ‌serve as a fantastic introduction, and a way⁣ of incorporating the ‍beneficial ingredient into‌ your routine meals.

Ingredients for the Pickle:

    • 200 grams ‍of⁢ fresh ​turmeric
    • 1 tablespoon of salt
    • 2 tablespoons of raw vinegar

The process begins by thoroughly washing our main ingredients, the turmeric and ginger. One​ should be aware ⁣that fresh turmeric roots ​are notorious⁢ for leaving stains on ⁤hands and clothes, therefore, caution is advised. Following the washing, both the turmeric and ginger​ need to have their‌ skins scraped off. This process is significant as it allows the essential oils found beneath ⁤the skin ⁤of these roots ‌to be retained, contributing significantly to the flavor of our pickle. ⁣Finally, chop the turmeric ‍and​ ginger into smaller pieces.

Prep TipWhy It’s Important
Scrape instead of peelRetain essential​ oils that adds flavor
Chop ⁤into smaller piecesEasier to include in meals in moderation

Thus, with just these five ingredients and these‍ easy steps, you are well on your way to creating your very own fermented turmeric ginger ⁢pickle, providing a⁤ tangy zing to⁢ your meals and a healthy boost to your‍ diet!

Inclusions for ⁢a Savory Twist: Adding Fermented‌ Turmeric​ Ginger Pickle to Your Daily⁢ Meals

Inclusions for a Savory Twist: Adding Fermented⁤ Turmeric Ginger Pickle to​ Your Daily ⁣Meals

Adding a Tantalizing Twist​ to Daily Meals

Have you ever thought of upgrading your ‍usual salad dressing, hummus flavor or sandwich spread? Trying something different, ⁣something⁣ that packs not just an exceptional punch of flavor ⁤but⁤ that also⁤ brims with health benefits?‍ How about fermenting ⁢turmeric and ginger to create a unique, multifaceted condiment that will undoubtedly ⁤enrich your daily⁤ meals? Indeed, a fermented turmeric and ginger pickle can ‌be just the thing you need to revolutionize your palate while reaping⁤ the‍ health benefits of these two superfoods at the same ⁤time.

The recipe is reasonably ‍straightforward and only requires five key ingredients: fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, black peppercorns, salt, and raw vinegar. Most importantly, you​ will need to handle these ingredients with a measure ​of care to‍ preserve their ⁢natural oils and‍ flavors.‌ Also, you ‌might want to wear gloves or lightly oil your hands when handling‍ fresh turmeric, as it can leave yellow stains.

Fresh Turmeric200 grams
Fresh ⁢Ginger100 grams
Black Peppercorns1 tablespoon
Salt1 tablespoon
Raw‍ Vinegar2 tablespoons

Once the basics are covered, the actual ⁣process of creating this exceptional pickle doesn’t pose a significant challenge. Make sure to wash the turmeric and ⁣ginger​ thoroughly ‍before proceeding, then scrape the skin off​ to access​ the ⁢flavorful oils beneath. Once prepared, chop ⁤these into pieces‍ of⁢ any size ⁤you prefer,​ although it’s⁣ suggested to make them bite-sized for better portion control!

Crafting a⁢ Healthy‌ Condiment: Five Ingredient Fermented Turmeric Ginger Pickle Recipe

Today we will unveil ​the secrets⁢ of creating an ⁤alluring fermented turmeric ginger ‌pickle that is both vibrant‍ in color and⁤ bursting⁣ with flavor. This healthy condiment can be ⁤a versatile addition to your daily meals, setting off​ an⁤ explosion​ of tangy goodness⁤ in your​ mouth at ⁢every ⁣bite. You can drape ​it ⁤over your salads or pair ⁢it with falafel, hummus, freshly cooked beans and lentils, and even slather⁣ it on your⁢ favorite sandwiches. If ​you haven’t been ‍utilizing turmeric regularly as a staple condiment,⁤ this pickle can give your dishes a healthy and flavorful twist.

Fresh Turmeric200 grams
Fresh Ginger100 grams
Black Peppercorns1 tablespoon
Salt1 tablespoon
Raw Vinegar2 tablespoons

Before you embark on ‍this gastronomic‍ journey, you need⁤ to ⁣ensure that the fresh ⁤turmeric and ginger ⁤are​ thoroughly ⁢washed. An unwashed root may impart an undesirable earthy ⁣taste ⁢that may change the⁤ flavor profile of the pickle. Fresh turmeric⁣ roots have a propensity to stain both hands and ​clothes, ‌so remember to protect your clothes and​ consider wearing ⁢gloves or apply some oil on your hands. Once you’ve prepared the roots, scrape off‍ the skin using a knife or spoon,​ being⁣ careful not to⁤ peel too deeply⁣ as a lot of ‍the essential oils ​are closer to the surface.​ After the skin is ⁤removed, chop the ‍turmeric and ginger⁣ into small pieces or juliennes, depending on ⁤your preference. Remember that‌ turmeric should be consumed in moderation, so cutting⁢ it‍ into‍ smaller pieces is⁣ recommended.

Decoding the Process: Preparing and Handling Fresh Turmeric​ and Ginger for Your ​Pickle

Decoding the Process:​ Preparing and Handling⁤ Fresh Turmeric and Ginger for Your Pickle

Bursting ⁤with flavor and health benefits, this simple turmeric pickle can be a brilliant addition to your diet. The processing of fresh turmeric and ginger is fairly simple‌ but comes with its own nuances. To get started, you will ‍need a list of fairly basic ingredients⁣ which ‍include: 200 grams of fresh⁤ turmeric, ⁢100 grams of ‍fresh ginger, one tablespoon of‍ black peppercorns, ‌one tablespoon ⁣of salt, and ⁣two tablespoons of raw⁢ vinegar. ⁤

Before delving⁤ into the ⁣slicing and pickling, it’s important to ensure that⁣ the‌ turmeric and ginger ​are⁢ thoroughly cleaned. ‌Fresh turmeric, in particular, can stain your hands, so ‍it’s recommended to wear gloves or smear a bit of oil on your hands to prevent this. If you’re a beginner⁤ and ‍unsure about⁤ distinguishing⁤ between turmeric ‍and ginger, ⁢remember that turmeric usually exhibits a ⁣yellow or orange interior. To prepare​ the ingredients, gently scrape⁤ the skins off using a knife or spoon⁣ rather than peeling them; this ensures that the essential oils close to the surface ‍are retained. After the skin is off, chop the‍ turmeric and ginger into smaller pieces ‍for pickling. Remember, the smaller the pieces, the ⁣easier it is to consume​ the pickle in moderation.

Fresh ​Turmeric200 grams
Fresh Ginger100 grams
Black Peppercorns1 tablespoon
Salt1 tablespoon
Raw Vinegar2 tablespoons

A ‍Nutritious Choice:⁤ Consuming Fermented Turmeric Ginger Pickles in⁤ Moderation

A Nutritious Choice: Consuming Fermented Turmeric‍ Ginger Pickles in Moderation

Ever pondered upon what to ⁤do with fresh turmeric? Shrikant Singh reveals an enticing recipe for a very simple⁤ fermented turmeric pickle. Not only can⁢ this ‍pickle be whipped up in no time, but it also serves⁤ as a nutritious add-on to your daily diets.‌ Impress⁤ everyone‍ with your culinary talent (and⁣ yellow-stained hands!), and add a⁣ punch of ‍tanginess to your everyday ‌meals. Whether it’s that crunchy salad, luscious falafel, creamy ​hummus, hearty beans and ‍lentils, or ⁢simple bread and sandwiches, this ⁢turmeric pickle ⁤can spruce ‍up any dish, ‌bringing in diverse flavors.

The key ‌to preparing this pickle lies in the five essential ingredients: ‍ 200 grams of‍ fresh ‌turmeric, 100 grams of fresh ginger, one tablespoon of black peppercorns, one tablespoon of salt,‍ and 2⁣ tablespoons of raw vinegar. But before you commence, ensure the turmeric and ginger ​are ‌washed spotlessly, for⁢ even ​the tiniest speck ​of⁢ dirt can tarnish the bold, earthy flavors. Do remember that handling fresh turmeric can temporarily dye your hands and clothes ⁣yellow, so⁣ consider glove-up or smear a little oil on your hands. Now comes the part where you ⁣peel and chop the turmeric roots‌ and ‌ginger. Prefer smaller ​pieces over larger chunks ⁢as it encourages moderate consumption of the pickle. ⁣A daily dose of one ​teaspoon does the trick.

Fresh⁤ Turmeric200 grams
Fresh Ginger100 grams
Black Peppercorns1 tablespoon
Salt1 tablespoon
Raw Vinegar2 tablespoons


Q: Who is the host⁣ of this video on fermented turmeric ginger pickle ‍recipe?
A: The host of‍ this ⁢video⁤ is Shrikant ⁤Singh.

Q: Which platform is⁣ this video ⁤available on?
A: This ‍video is available on the “Happy Bellyfish” YouTube channel.

Q: What is the main purpose of this video?
A: The video primarily aims to ⁢guide ⁤viewers⁣ on⁣ how to‌ make a simple, ⁣nutritious fermented turmeric ginger pickle recipe at home.

Q: What ⁢can the turmeric ginger pickle ⁣be used in?
A: It can ​be used in ‌several different food items like‍ salads,‌ hummus,⁣ beans, lentils, sandwiches, and bread.

Q: How‍ many ​ingredients are needed to make ⁢this pickle?
A: You‌ need five essential ⁣ingredients ​for this recipe. ⁤

Q: What are ​the ingredients needed for this recipe?
A: The ingredients required are: 200⁢ grams of ⁣fresh turmeric, 100 grams of fresh ginger, one tablespoon of⁢ black peppercorns, ⁢one ‍tablespoon ⁤of salt, and two tablespoons‍ of ⁢raw vinegar.

Q: What is ⁢the ideal size for ‌cutting the turmeric and ginger?
A: Cutting ⁣them⁣ into small⁤ pieces‌ or Julians is suggested to ensure moderate consumption.

Q: What is the notable precaution one should take while ⁣handling fresh turmeric roots?
A: Fresh turmeric⁤ roots tend to stain hands⁢ and clothes, ​so it’s suggested to wear gloves or smear ‍your⁢ hands with oil​ before handling ⁤them.

Q:​ How⁣ should the​ skin ‍of ginger and turmeric be ⁢removed?
A: The skin should be gently scraped off ​with ⁤a knife or spoon rather ​than ‍peeled off, to avoid losing the‌ essential oils that reside close to‍ the surface.

Q: What is⁤ the advantage of the mentioned preparation method?
A: The preparation⁣ method ​mentioned ‍is designed to ⁣retain‌ the maximum nutrition, improve digestion, and give moderate consumption.

To Wrap It Up

In wrapping up, we have‍ journeyed through the⁣ wild, zesty realm of creating a homemade fermented turmeric ginger pickle.‌ We’ve discovered​ that the⁤ fusion⁣ of these bold flavors‍ doesn’t just stimulate adventurous ⁢palates; it is an elegant and ⁢healthy spin to your usual fare. Whether⁢ it’s‍ amping up your salad dressing, giving your hummus a tangy lift, or serving as the golden twist to your falafel, this simple condiment ‍might just become⁢ a staple in your⁣ pantry. ⁢Remember,‌ moderation is the key, ‌and both ⁣the yellow and the flavor ‌the turmeric infuses are hard to forget. Here’s to you experiencing this⁤ piquant pickles’ tantalizing whisper, ‍becoming a part of your regular meals, and ‌brightening your yellow-stained‍ hands with its⁤ promise of health and flavor. Live the ‌turmeric-touched ​life!


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