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Golden Glow: A Guide to DIY Turmeric and Orange Peel Body Wash


Embrace the world of DIY skincare with our latest blog post focused on the illuminating conversation in the YouTube video, “Golden Glow: A Guide to DIY Turmeric and Orange Peel Body Wash”. Join the wonderful Esther in her step by step journey to create a uniquely rejuvenating body wash featuring the magical ingredients of turmeric and orange peel, cherry-picked for their skin nurturing capabilities. Aside from being intensely hydrating, this DIY concoction promises a beautiful lather, a clean and fresh feeling, and a brighter, even skin tone. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a skincare aficionado or just someone looking for natural, homemade skincare solutions, this blog post will offer you insights, tips and a foolproof recipe straight from Esther’s soothing video column. Get ready to unlock the secret to glowingly beautiful skin!

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Harnessing the Power of Turmeric and Orange Peel in Body Wash

If there is one word to perfectly encapsulate this homemade body wash, it would be “nourishing”. Tapping into the hydrating and rejuvenating properties of the key ingredients, turmeric and orange peel, this body wash does a phenomenal job of removing impurities while providing high-quality nourishment. One of its striking features is its amazing lather that is gentle on your skin, leaving it extremely well-cleaned and moisturized. What’s more, it aids in evening and brightening your skin tone.

The creation process begins with dissolving orange peel powder in distilled water. Orange peel powder is not just aromatic, but also packs benefits like skin hydration and cellular renewal, while providing brightness to the skin. Next, the process involves the use of turmeric infused oil, which is obtained by infusing turmeric powder in sunflower oil for a few weeks. The charm of using turmeric oil instead of the powder is that it does not stain your skin.

The solubilizer referred to in this guide is Poly Sugar Mulse. It blends oils with water, hence it is an important component in the crafting of this body wash. But there are alternatives to Poly Sugar Mulse that you can opt for depending on convenience and preference such as emulsifiers like sunflower or soy lecithin or even Polysorbate 60.

Orange Peel PowderHydrates, renews skin cells, brightens skin
Turmeric Infused OilDoes not stain, possesses skin benefits
Poly Sugar MulseBlends oil and water

Xantham gum, a preferred thickening agent, is another vital ingredient here. It is added along with vegetable glycerin, which draws moisture to our skin and assists in mixing the xantham gum. Lastly, it’s important to incorporate a good quality preservative as this is a water-based product. This comprehensive guide mentions Uxil PE 9010 as the preferred choice. With each element of this recipe carefully selected and combined, your journey towards brighter, healthier skin can be a delightful one.

The Cultivation and Infusion of Your Turmeric Oil: Step-By-Step Guide

For the cultivation of your turmeric oil, start by putting some turmeric powder in tea bags and then putting the tea bags in sunflower oil. Allow this mixture to infuse for a few weeks. Using turmeric-infused oil instead of turmeric powder helps to avoid the stain that turmeric powder can sometimes leave. Once your oil is prepared, weigh out the required amount and add a solubilizer into it. You can use Poly Sugar Mulse, which is a natural solubilizer that helps to blend in the oils with the water. Other alternatives include sunflower or soy less thin and Polysorbate 60.

Turmeric PowderAs required
Sunflower OilAs required
Poly Sugar MulseAs per your formula

For the infusion of your turmeric oil, start by weighing out your distilled water and add orange peel powder into it. Orange peel powder not only smells amazing but also helps to hydrate and brighten skin. Ensure you mix everything well; it may take a few minutes for the orange peel powder to dissolve completely in the distilled water. Once the powder is dissolved, set it aside. Get back to your oil mixture and make sure it is well blended with the solubilizer.

Distilled WaterAs per your formula
Orange Peel PowderAs per your formula

Implementing Natural Surfactants and Emulsifiers For Perfect Blend

Implementing Natural Surfactants and Emulsifiers For Perfect Blend

The perfect blend of natural emulsifiers and surfactants plays a crucial role in achieving a fully moisturizing and hydrating body wash. The formula being showcased makes use of key ingredients, turmeric and orange peel. Not only does this concoction offer an astounding lather, it also guarantees a gentle wash that won’t be harsh to your skin. Its unique composition is poised to help brighten and even up your skin tone, leaving it impeccably clean and revived.

While creating your DIY body wash, note that the orange peel powder used smells amazing and additionally plays several vital roles including hydrating the skin, renewing the skin cells and brightening the skin. Combining this with turmeric-infused oil ensures you have a blend that doesn’t stain unlike using turmeric powder. To facilitate blending with water, you may choose to use either Poly Sugar Mulse, a natural solubilizer, or alternative emulsifiers like sunflower or soy lecithin, or Polysorbate 60. In addition to this, introducing xanthan gum, one of the highly favored thickeners, and vegetable glycerin helps attract moisture to your skin and facilitates mixing in with the xanthan gum. Don’t forget to apply a good preservative too, which is a must-have for any water-based product. This way, you get a body wash that doesn’t just cleanse but revitalizes your skin making it bright, healthy and radiant.

Achieving Maximum Efficacy with an Optimized Preservation Compound

Achieving Maximum Efficacy with an Optimized Preservation Compound

Kickstart your journey to glowing skin with a DIY Turmeric and Orange Peel Body Wash that’s incredibly hydrating and full of lather. This homemade miracle promises skin nourishment that is far from harsh, leaving you feeling immaculately clean. Embellished with the potency of turmeric infused oil and orange peel powder, it’s designed to brighten and even up your skin tone, reflecting a fresh glow.

Beginning the preparation, you’ll need to weigh out your distilled water, to which you’ll add your orange peel powder. Celebrated for its invigorating aroma, orange peel lends its gifts to hydrate your skin, renew skin cells, and enhance your tone. You’ll then need to integrate this mixture until it’s fully dissolved. Put the mixture aside for now and focus on your turmeric infused oil. For this, use turmeric powder put inside tea bags and steep it in sunflower oil for a couple of weeks. The advantage of using this oil lies in its non-staining properties, unlike turmeric powder.

Orange Peel PowderHydrates and brightens skin, renews skin cells
Turmeric Infused OilNon-staining, provides the benefits of turmeric

To this oil, add in your solubilizer. For ours, we’re using Poly Sugar Mause, a natural solution to blend your oils with water. Alternatively, you can use emulsifiers like sunflower or soy lecithin, or even Polysorbate 60. After achieving a satisfactory blend with your solubilizer, leave the solution aside.

Next, you’ll need a thickener: in this case, xantham gum is your go-to. Mix your xantham gum with vegetable glycerin and your preservative (we recommend UXil PE 9010, which requires a solvent to blend into your formula). Since you’re working with a water-based product, a strong broad-protection preservative is important.

Additional IngredientsRole
Poly Sugar Mause (Solubilizer)Blends the oils with water
Xantham Gum (Thickener)Gives the body wash its thick consistency
Vegetable GlycerinAttracts moisture to the skin
UXil PE 9010 (Preservative)Protects your formula from bacterial and fungal growth

Ensuring Proper Skin Hydration through Vegetable Glycerin and Xantham Gum

Ensuring Proper Skin Hydration through Vegetable Glycerin and Xantham Gum

The golden allure of turmeric and the refreshing brightness of orange peel unite in our DIY body wash recipe, promising not only a thorough cleanse but also proper skin hydration. This invigorating body wash lends an amazing lather to your skin, without being too harsh. It aims to brighten and even out your skin tone.

Before we jump into our DIY tutorial, let’s first explore the key elements that make our body wash especially moisturizing. We’re talking about vegetable glycerin and xantham gum. Glycerin is widely used in skincare products for its humectant properties – it effectively attracts moisture to the skin, ensuring hydration. On the other hand, xantham gum is a popular thickening agent that adds a luxurious consistency to your body wash.

Here’s a glimpse at some key ingredients and how they contribute to the properties of the body wash:

Turmeric Infused OilNo staining like raw turmeric powder. Can be prepared by infusing turmeric powder in sunflower oil for a couple of weeks.
Orange Peel PowderSmells amazing and helps hydrate skin. It renews skin cells and brightens the skin tone.
Vegetable GlycerinAttracts moisture to the skin, ensuring proper hydration.
Xantham GumProvides thickness to the body wash making it luxurious.

Remember, if you want the DIY body wash to have a longer shelf life, it needs to include a good broad spectrum, water soluble preservative. This is because our recipe counts distilled water as one of its key ingredients. Please do thorough research or refer to our linked videos to find a suitable preservative for your homemade skincare products.


Q: What is the homemade body wash that was discussed in the YouTube video about?
A: The body wash discussed is a moisturizing and hydrating body wash made from two key ingredients – turmeric and orange peel.

Q: How does the body wash benefit the skin?
A: Apart from leaving your skin feeling really clean, it also helps to brighten and even out the skin tone due to the properties of turmeric and orange peel it contains.

Q: How exactly does the orange peel powder function in the body wash?
A: Orange peel powder has a rich scent and also works wonders on the skin. It hydrates the skin, renews the skin cells, and helps to brighten up the skin.

Q: What kind of oil is used in this body wash?
A: This body wash uses turmeric infused oil. The oil is gotten by infusing turmeric powder in tea bags with sunflower oil.

Q: Why is turmeric oil preferred over turmeric powder?
A: The turmeric oil is used instead of the powder because it doesn’t leave stains like the powder does.

Q: Why is a solubilizer used in the body wash?
A: A solubilizer such as poly sugar mause is used because it’s a natural solubilizer that helps to blend the oils with the water.

Q: What’s the role of the xantham gum in the body wash?
A: Xanthan gum is used as a thickener in the body wash recipe.

Q: How does vegetable glycerin add value to the body wash?
A: Vegetable glycerin is added to attract moisture to the skin and also help mix the xanthan gum in the mix.

Q: Why is a preservative added to the body wash?
A: A preservative is necessary as this is a water-based product, which implies it could be a medium for bacterial growth otherwise. A broad-spectrum preservative is used to inhibit any such growth and prolong the shelf life of the body wash.

Q: Where can more information about the complete recipe and ingredients be found?
A: More information and a complete list of ingredients as well as links to where they can be purchased from are provided in the description box of the YouTube video.

In Conclusion

There you have it, folks—your guide to crafting a natural, rejuvenating body wash which infuses the incredible properties of turmeric and orange peel. From beginning to end, we took you through the step-by-step process of creating this ‘Golden Glow’ body wash. We hope you are empowered by the knowledge and able to appreciate the aromatic wonders of contriving your own skincare product.

This DIY project isn’t simply a mixture of ingredients, but a melange of nature’s finest gifts – from the skin brightening orange peel powder to the non-staining turmeric oil, and the harmony that the solubilizer brings in merging oils and water. Let’s not forget the xantham gum that adds the desired viscosity to your wash, and the potent preservative used to ensure a longer shelf-life.

Our aim with this guide was to inspire you to convey self-care and well-being in a fun, yet effective home project. With every lather, may the golden glow serve as a gentle reminder that skin care can be organic, personalized and most of all, a creatively fulfilling process. Explore the empowering world of DIY, and remember, your skin reflects the care you give it. Happy crafting!


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