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Juicing towards Health: DIY Ginger-Turmeric Wellness Shot


Unleash the vibrant potential of your health with our DIY Ginger-Turmeric Wellness Shot. Illuminate your vitality and embrace the natural goodness circulating right at your fingertips. Today, we dive into a colorful journey with the backdrop of the “Wellness This Way” YouTube channel. Sit back, clutch your blenders and join us as we journey into the world of wellness and transformation, one wellness shot at a time. So, prepare those shot jars, say hello to your all-natural path of rejuvenation, and let’s stir up some wellness magic!

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Deciphering the DIY Ginger-Turmeric Wellness Shot Recipe

Embrace the wellness journey by learning how to make your own ginger-turmeric wellness shot! The essential tools you will need include: a high-power blender, a measuring cup, a funnel, and an optional strainer or a nut bag. Don’t forget to get small jars to store your mixture. Set the stage by measuring one and a half to two cups of water. Note that turmeric leaves stains, so enjoy the process cautiously. Add the water, ginger and turmeric to the blender and blend until smooth.

Firstly, you’ll need to strain the mixture. A nut bag will not only be a perfect tool for doing this but will also protect your utensils from being stained. If you prefer to use a small strainer, it will work just as fine. Return the mixture to the blender, adding several pieces of lemon. Can you imagine the citrusy aroma starting to fill your kitchen already? To make this wellness shot even more refreshing, you may want to add some cutie oranges. Now, it’s time to infuse your mixture with sweetness. You can achieve this by adding a teaspoon of high-quality honey, like Manuka, but this is optional. To boost absorption of turmeric, you might want to incorporate some fat. A bit of avocado oil or coconut oil would be perfect! Ensure the blender is tightly sealed, then blend all the ingredients. Your ginger-turmeric wellness shot is ready for bottling and consumption!

Essential Utensils and Ingredients for a Perfect Wellness Shot Blend

Essential Utensils and Ingredients for a Perfect Wellness Shot Blend

Beginning your journey to health, start with gathering the necessary utensils and ingredients for your wellness shot, both promising, simplicity, and efficiency. You’ll need a high power blender, a measuring cup and a funnel. To ensure a smooth blend, consider having a strainer, however, if you prefer some texture in your shot, a nut bag will do. Save your concoction for later by pouring it into small jars, ready to give you that healthy kick when you most need it.

Once your utensils are ready, it’s time to bring in the health-charged ingredients. Start with water, your universal solvent. Your main stars will be the ginger root and turmeric, both known for their multiple benefits. To add some zesty freshness, bring in oranges and lemons. Sweeping in with its soothing properties, add some honey. Enhance the absorption with a little bit of fat, for this case, avocado oil, or if you prefer coconut oil. Lastly, dust your mixture with black pepper, like sprinkles on a cupcake. The beauty of it all is that you can adjust the ingredients to your preference, making your wellness shot a personal health portrait.

Mastering the Blender: Mixing and Straining the Ginger-Turmeric Paste

Mastering the Blender: Mixing and Straining the Ginger-Turmeric Paste

Now that you have your ingredients ready (water, avocado oil, black pepper, turmeric, ginger root, oranges, lemon, honey) and your high power blender at hand, it’s time to master the mixing and straining process for the Ginger-Turmeric paste. Begin by adding one and a half to two cups of water to your blender. Follow this with your ginger and turmeric. Remember that turmeric tends to stain, so handle it with care. Once you’ve added these ingredients, let your blender do its magic.

Next, it’s time to strain the Ginger-Turmeric mixture. You can use a small strainer for this purpose, or a nut bag if you have one. Pour your blended mixture through the strainer to remove the coarse chunks. Don’t want to stain your strainer? Consider using a nut bag which can be used over and over again. Once strained, return your mixture to a clean blender. Add-in your lemons and oranges (if using), honey, black pepper, and a touch of oil (avocado or coconut). The addition of fat aids the absorption of turmeric in your body. Blend this mixture well. Now, grab your clean shot jars and a funnel to pour your wellness shots. Voila! You’ve just crafted your very own Ginger-Turmeric wellness shot.

Water1.5 to 2 cups
Ginger and TurmericTo Taste
Lemons and OrangesAs per Preference
Honey1 Teaspoon
Avocado/Coconut OilOptional
Black PepperRequired Amount

Fixing Up a Glass Full of Health: Final Steps to Achieving Your Wellness Shot

Fixing Up a Glass Full of Health: Final Steps to Achieving Your Wellness Shot

Preparation of this ginger-turmeric wellness shot begins with the right blend. For this, you’d need a high power blender and measure around one and a half to two cups of water. To this, let’s add ginger and turmeric. Be careful though, as turmeric is well known for leaving stains. Next step is to thoroughly blend this concoction. Now comes the straining part. If you don’t wish to stain your strainer with turmeric, consider using a reusable nut bag. Just pour your mixture over it and strain away!

Right after straining your ginger-turmeric blend, it’s time to get the blender rolling again. This time, throw in some lemons. You can keep the rind on while chopping, enhancing the flavor even more. You can also add cutie oranges to this mixture, up to three or as per your taste. Then comes the re-addition of the already strained turmeric-ginger mixture. Now is the time for sweetening; adding honey (Manuka preferably, but not necessary) will make it quite delectable. You can adjust the sweetness by adding or reducing the amount of honey, about a teaspoon should be enough. Next, you want to sprinkle some black pepper which essentially aids in better absorption of turmeric. And if you want to, you can also add a little bit of fat like avocado oil or coconut oil, which will help break down the turmeric for better absorption in the body. Blend this final mix up well, ensuring the lid of your blender is tightly fastened.


Q: What is the topic of the YouTube video presented?
A: This video presents a do-it-yourself recipe of Wellness shots using Ginger and turmeric.

Q: What are the essential tools for this recipe?
A: The essential tools you will need are a blender, measuring cup, a funnel, and small jars. Optionally, you may also need a strainer or a nut bag.

Q: What ingredients are necessary?
A: The necessary ingredients are water, black pepper, turmeric, ginger root, oranges, lemon, and honey. Other optional ingredients include avocado oil and cutie oranges.

Q: How much water is needed?
A: One and a half to two cups of water is needed for this recipe.

Q: Are there any precautions to note while dealing with turmeric?
A: Yes, turmeric is known to cause stains, so it’s important to be careful when handling it.

Q: What other fruits can be added to this recipe?
A: Apart from lemon, cutie oranges can optionally be added to the mixture.

Q: What kind of honey is recommended?
A: High-quality honey is recommended, like Manuka honey. However, it’s optional and you can adjust it to your liking.

Q: What role does the black pepper and fat source play in this recipe?
A: The Black pepper and a fat source like avocado oil or coconut oil are added to help increase the body’s absorption of turmeric.

Q: What is unique about the straining process?
A: If you’re worried about staining your utensils from turmeric, a nut bag is recommended for straining. This can be used over again for the same purpose.

Q: How is the mixture stored?
A: Once you have blended all the ingredients, use your funnel to pour the mixture into your small jars (shot glasses). This enables easy access to take your wellness shots.

Wrapping Up

We’ve walked you through our take on the Ginger Turmeric wellness shot, a zesty beverage brimming with potential health benefits. Remember, although the potent stain of turmeric may color your utensils a vibrant hue, it’s that rich color that signifies its powerful healing properties. In our step-by-step guide, we showed you how to blend this healthy concoction with optional ingredients like honey and avocado oil, enriching the flavours as well as its nutritional profile. Then, by simply using a nut bag or strainer, we filtered the elixir into ready-to-consume wellness shots. Store these little jars of liquid gold in your refrigerator for a quick pick-me-up as needed. Don’t forget to explore the possibilities—customize the recipe to cater to your personal preferences and make your wellness journey uniquely yours. Tuning in for more content, hit the subscribe button and the bell icon for notifications on future posts. Until next time, continue juicing your way to health!


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