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Whipping up Magic: The Turmeric Powder Cookbook with Poorna, the Nature Girl


Delve into the fascinating world of turmeric magic with Poorna, the ‘Nature Girl’ as she discovers the age-old culinary traditions passed down through generations in her rural Indian home. In our latest blog post, we turn the spotlight on the enriching journey that unpeels in the YouTube video titled, “Whipping up Magic: The Turmeric Powder Cookbook with Poorna, the Nature Girl”. Be prepared for an immersive ride through vibrant turmeric fields, traditional home-made recipes, lively kitchen exchanges, and the soul-stirring simplicity of everyday life that resonates through every frame of this beautifully curated video. The transcript below brings alive stirringly authentic sound bites and intimate dialogues, giving us a glimpse of the depth and warmth that underpins the Indian rural kitchen, while showcasing the star of the show – the humble turmeric. It’s time to strap yourself for a sensory explosion that transcends landscapes, tastes, smells and, most importantly, heartfelt connections.

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Unlocking the Power of Turmeric: From Roots to Recipes

Unlocking the Power of Turmeric: From Roots to Recipes

In the warmth of their kitchen, Poorna reveals the priceless treasure she’s harvested : fresh turmeric roots. Having collected, cleaned and sorted their bounty, the father-daughter duo assemble an array of heart-warming ingredients. Their menu? A delightful treat made of ghee, wheat flour, kithul jaggery, roasted coconut, semolina, cashew nuts, almonds, and a generous pinch of pepper, cardamom, cloves and nutmeg. The end product – flavorful turmeric laddo, enjoyed over cups of tea and the harmonious synergy of a well-spent day.

Their kitchen palette extends beyond the laddo. Together they venture on a culinary journey, making a vibrant Turmeric chili pickle, a Chickpea black curry, a flavorful Ginger turmeric rice, and intriguing Maldive fish potato cubes. These recipes, each brimming with distinct flavors of the home made turmeric powder, are a testament to the versatility of this humble root. The fusion of onions, chili varieties, ginger, garlic, tomatoes with potent cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, fennel, cumin and the likes, bring together a culinary canvas, as vibrant as their farm-to-table journey.

Creating Culinary Delights: Using Turmeric in Everyday Cooking

Creating Culinary Delights: Using Turmeric in Everyday Cooking

Poorna, our nature-loving culinary enthusiast brings us a host of delicious recipes using the versatile turmeric. Freshly harvested from the Kavalita area close to her paddy field, she not only uses the turmeric root but also shows us how to utilize the plant’s flower. With her father’s help in digging and cleaning the turmeric, she sets off on a culinary journey.

IngredientRecipe Usage
Turmeric rootsUsed in creating a range of dishes; from turmeric laddos to flavored rice.
Turmeric flowersCan be used in salads and stir fry dishes.

Our first stop is the decadent Turmeric Laddo. Poorna combines turmeric with a medley of ingredients including kithul jaggery, ghee, wheat flour, roasted coconut, semolina, cashews, almonds, pepper along with a variety of spices like cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg. From creating sweets for her father to brewing up hot tea, Poorna’s versatility knows no bounds. The laddos, it’s agreed, turn out quite tasty.

We then move onto Poorna’s second creation Turmeric Chili Pickle. A pickled delight consisting of mustard, fennel, raw turmeric, ginger, various types of chilies, vinegar, salt, and the quintessential roasted mix of essential spices. For those who love a bit of spice, this is certainly a must-try.

Other dishes in Poorna’s repertoire include the Chickpea black curry and Ginger turmeric rice. These meals wonderfully highlight the fantastic flavor profile that turmeric can bring to everyday dishes. Poorna combines these ingredients with others like onion, ginger, garlic, chilies, tomato, salt, boiled chickpeas, water, spring onion, coconut slices, red chili, and more to create culinary magic.

Despite suffering a minor injury on her hand, Poorna continues her culinary journey with steadfast determination. Whether you have turmeric roots or powder stored in a bottle, Poorna shows how it can be beautifully incorporated into a multitude of dishes, truly making it a golden addition to your kitchen. Now, are you ready to grind the turmeric?

Refreshing Twist to Traditional Meals: Turmeric-infused Comfort Foods

Refreshing Twist to Traditional Meals: Turmeric-infused Comfort Foods

Add a healthy spin to your treasured comfort meals with turmeric-infused dishes. Simple, rustic, colorful and fragrant, these recipes combine raw, and homemade turmeric powder with a variety of local and exotic ingredients. Picture fresh turmeric roots, ghee, wheat flour, and Kithul jaggery coming together to create delightful Turmeric Laddo, a sweet treat to tickle your palate. Or the aromatic blend of roasted coconut, semolina, cashew nut, almond, pepper cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg enhancing the bold flavor of your savory dishes.

Escape to a universe of extraordinary textures and flavors with dishes such as Turmeric Chili Pickle. This rustic feast unites mustard oil with chili powder, curry powder, mustard, fennel, and an array of different types of chilies, blended together with the vibrant turmeric. For curry lovers, the Chickpea Black Curry is a nutritious dish made from boiled chickpeas, tangy tomatoes, and homemade turmeric powder, its warmth and depth enriched by spices like cardamom, mustard, and pepper. If you’re in the mood for a lighter, yet equally tantalizing meal, prepare the Ginger Turmeric Rice, a fragrant concoction of lime juice, basmati rice, and of course, the star ingredient turmeric.


Key Ingredients

Turmeric LaddoTurmeric roots, ghee, wheat flour, Kithul jaggeryChickpea Black CurryChickpea, tomatoes, homemade turmeric powderGinger Turmeric RiceLime juice, basmati rice, turmericTurmeric Chili PickleMustard oil, different types of chilies, turmeric

From Field to Table: Transforming Raw Turmeric into Tasty Health Bombs

From Field to Table: Transforming Raw Turmeric into Tasty Health Bombs

In the first rays of morning, Poorna heads off on a mission – to harvest the ripe turmeric plants from the ‘Kalavita’, a vacant area near the paddy field. Her father has already been there to do the preliminary digging and cleaning of the harvested roots. Simultaneously, her mother has set up a pot of boiling water back at home, all set to begin the transformation of raw turmeric roots into spices that would add magic to mundane meals. As Poorna carefully collects the turmeric, the kitchen is abuzz with an array of ingredients, all ready to augment the turmeric’s potential – we have ghee, wheat flour, Kithul jaggery, ghee, and roasted coconut, semolina. Nuts like cashew and almond are present too, alongside spices such as pepper, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg.

The magic really begins as everything blends together to create delicious turmeric laddoos – a sweet treat that brings a taste of health to the palate. In her excitement, Poorna can’t help but share these taste-bombs with her parents. But her work is far from finished. From sorting large and small turmeric, to grinding them into a homemade turmeric powder – Poorna’s hands are constantly working, crafting, creating. Soon, her potent turmeric powder is enriched with other ingredients to give birth to a variety of dishes like turmeric chili pickle and chickpea black curry. The ginger turmeric rice stands out in all its golden glory, while Maldive fish potato cubes bask in a turmeric-rich glow, ready to be savored. Even the humble potato isn’t left out and ends up boasting a rich golden hue, all thanks to Poorna’s turmeric magic.

Boost Your Health and Palette: Discovering Turmeric’s Versatility in Cooking

Join Poorna, our Nature Girl, on an exciting excursion to harvest the potent turmeric plants growing near the ‘Kalavita’, a vacant area near the paddy field. Experience the vibrant life of turmeric, from flowering plants to dug out roots carefully cleaned by her father. Poorna then takes the cleanly harvested turmeric into the kitchen, where her helpful mother has prepared a pot of boiling water and an array of ingredients waiting to be transformed.

Following this, Poorna showcases the remarkable range of culinary versatility turmeric has to offer. She starts by crafting scrumptious turmeric laddo, piquing her mother’s palate with a combination of ghee, wheat flour, kithul jaggery, and a mouthwatering mix of cashew nut, almond, pepper, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, roasted coconut, and semolina. Poorna then ventures into the creation of homemade turmeric powder and shows us the right combination of ingredients for making unique dishes like turmeric chili pickle and chickpea black curry. Indeed, a feast for the eyes and the palate with the golden hue that turmeric provides!

RecipeKey Ingredients
Turmeric LaddoGhee, Wheat flour, Kithul jaggery, Roasted coconut
Turmeric Chili PickleMustard oil, Chilli powder, Curry powder, Raw Turmeric
Chickpea Black CurryOnion, Ginger, Garlic, Tomato, Home made turmeric powder

From the lush turmeric fields to the cozy kitchen with Poorna and her family – we invite you to embark on this remarkable culinary journey that makes you appreciate the simplicity but powerful versatility that turmeric brings to any dish. Not only does it add a dash of color and a distinct flavor to your meals, but it also leads to a host of health benefits. So, let’s get creative and let the turmeric magic unfold in your kitchens as well.

Harnessing Turmeric’s Benefits: A Natural Healer in Your Kitchen

Preparing Turmeric Infused Delicacies

Poorna, together with her father, harvests fresh turmeric roots from the family’s farmland. They are cleaned and processed into a fine, homemade turmeric powder. Poorna uses this vibrant spice in several recipes, creating a rich array of appetizing meals and snacks. This includes the delectable

Turmeric Laddo – a treat made with ingredients such as ghee, wheat flour, Kithul jaggery, roasted coconut, semolina, cashew nut, almond, pepper, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg. This sweet delight is savored and loved by every member of Poorna’s family. Additionally, Poorna uses this life-enhancing spice in preparing a spicy and savory Turmeric Chili Pickle. The inspiring blend is made of mustard oil, chilli powder, curry powder, mustard, fennel, raw turmeric, ginger, different types of chilies, roasted powder, salt, and vinegar.

Cooking up More Turmeric Magic

In addition, Poorna applies her culinary expertise and the magic of turmeric to create a heartwarming Chickpea Black Curry, rich in goodness. The homemade turmeric powder is blended with boiling chickpeas, tomatoes, salt, onion, ginger, garlic, and a mix of other spices, making it a simple yet flavorful meal. Her homemade turmeric powder also finds its way in the preparation of a unique Ginger Turmeric Rice and flavorful Maldive Fish Potato Cube. More so, she whips up crispy and satisfying fries using potatoes, salt, turmeric powder, chilli, and gram flour. The turmeric not only enhances the flavors but also adds a wonderful golden color. All in all, the turmeric powder proves itself a versatile ingredient, worthy of the labor involved in its production. Through Poorna’s passion and creativity, the wonder spice imparts its healing properties to a variety of dishes.


Q: What is the main focus of this YouTube video?A: The video focuses on how Poorna, the Nature Girl, harvests turmeric plants and uses the turmeric powder in a variety of dishes.

Q: Which dishes does Poorna prepare using turmeric?A: Poorna uses turmeric to prepare a range of items, including Turmeric Laddo (a sweet), Turmeric Chili Pickle, Chickpea Black Curry, Ginger Turmeric Rice, and Maldive Fish Potato Cubes.

Q: What are the basic ingredients used in the Turmeric Laddo recipe?A: The primary ingredients used in Turmeric Laddo are turmeric roots, ghee, wheat flour, Kithul jaggery, roasted coconut, semolina, cashew nut, almond, pepper, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg.

Q: What happened to Poorna’s hand during the video?A: During the video, Poorna accidentally burned her hand while giving a steam massage to her mother’s leg with hot water.

Q: Despite her injured hand, did Poorna continue to make the dishes?A: Yes, despite her injury, Poorna prepared meals with the turmeric powder, showcasing her dedication.

Q: Did Poorna harvest the turmeric roots on the same day she used them for cooking?A: Yes, Poorna harvested the turmeric plants from a local field and used both the fresh turmeric roots and the turmeric powder for cooking on the same day.

Q: How does Poorna’s family react to the dishes she makes with turmeric?A: Poorna’s family reacts positively, expressing how tasty the food is, and appreciating Poorna’s efforts even while she had an injured hand.

Q: Which other plants, spices, and ingredients are used in the recipes?A: Poorna used ingredients such as mustard oil, chili powder, curry powder, mustard, fennel, ginger, different types of chilies, vinegar, onion, garlic, tomato, water, spring onions, potatoes, gram flour, coconut oil, Maldive fish, homemade tomato sauce, and Basmathi rice, among others, in her recipes.

Q: Is the turmeric farm located near Poorna’s home?A: Yes, the turmeric farm, located in the “Kalavita” area, is very close to her home and even her father assists her in the harvesting process.

Q: What additional precautions is Poorna’s father seen advising her?A: Poorna’s father advises her to be careful when she goes near the canal.

In Conclusion

And so, our magical ride through the wonderful world of turmeric winds to a close. From the sun-drenched field where Poorna and her father harvested the plants, to the vibrant kitchen where turmeric roots were lovingly transformed into something truly amazing. We have seen the creation of a plethora of dishes and delicacies like the tempting turmeric laddo, a spicy mixture, the rich chickpea black curry, the zesty ginger turmeric rice, and let’s not forget, the delectable turmeric chili pickle. Even the simple potato cube was elevated with a dusting of the golden turmeric powder.

Despite a painful injury, Poorna’s resolve was never shaken, proving that sometimes, the most beautiful outcomes emerge from overwhelming challenges. She showed us her unyielding spirit, always combined with a spark of creativity and a real respect for nature’s bounty. This journey was a testament to the versatility of turmeric and the richness of dishes that can be crafted with the simplest of ingredients and the purest of intentions.

As we wave goodbye to the ‘Kalavita’, we’re leaving with so much more than just new recipes to try out. We were fortunate to witness familial bonds, the interplay of tradition and innovation, and the power of persistence. But most importantly, a reminder that the most delicious dishes are whipped up with a hefty scoop of love and a sprinkle of magic.

Until next time, dear readers, keep exploring, keep experimenting and let the magic of turmeric continue to inspire your culinary adventures!


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